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An enchanted place,
all to be discovered

Lessinia: where all the good of nature can be found.

Lessinia has a rich and millenary history behind it: the dairy tradition, for example, has very ancient origins and still today follows the rules and care handed down from generation to generation by our ancestors.

For this reason, after a good feast of goodness at MasoVerde, we always recommend completing the experience with a visit to one of the many attractions that Lessinia offers, to fully experience a sensory journey immersed in the history and culture of our territory. The Veja Bridge, the Roverè Mille Cave and the Bolca Fossil Museum are just some of the absolutely essential places that we invite you to visit: whether it is through our organized tasting events or on your own, MasoVerde is waiting for you with open doors to make you experience the world of Lessinia as you have never done before.

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