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Your shopping in nature

Love yourself according to nature

Each product that you find at MasoVerde is created and selected with care and passion: we believe in a philosophy of well-being that aims at a healthy, genuine and zero-food-miles nutrition. We are indeed convinced that sustainability starts with what we put on our plate: respect for life in all its forms is one of the values that we have been pursuing for years, for a result that makes the difference, both to the palate and to the environment.

MasoVerde: the habitat of Lessinia flavours.

With cheeses produced from local milk, top quality artisan salami and zero-food-miles vegetable gastronomy signed by MasoVerde, rediscover the authentic flavors of Lessinia and savor the freshness of the mountains of our plateau even at home. Our our fresh of the day awaits you every day of the week with bread, eggs, milk, handcrafted cakes, every day.

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