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landscapes of taste


MasoVerde: a historic and magical place where all the goodness of Lessinia awaits you.

Where taste and nature meet, MasoVerde is born: a unique place where you can get to know and taste the best typical products of Lessinia. A constantly evolving local reality which, through the passion for a healthy and natural lifestyle, rediscovers the traditional flavors of a rich and uncontaminated territory. At MasoVerde you can immerse yourself in a world of genuine flavors: come and visit us to get to know and explore new and ancient landscapes of taste and beauty!


Taste the beauty of our land with us.

Cheeses, made from Lessinia milk, cured meat of local origin, vegetables from the garden and daily baked cakes: these are the specialties that bear our brand and which reflect the flavours and values of our plateau. A wide variety of ancient and authentic flavors to be rediscovered, to savor tradition and try new and peculiar combinations. Our selection of delicacies includes a rich proposal of tasty and healthy products, sweet or savoury, to genuinely flavor every moment of the day and to enjoy the best of every season: from honey to organic jams with or without sugar, from typical desserts to natural fruit juices, from organic wines of our land up to craft beers with a unique character.

In every MasoVerde product, richness is expressed with spontaneous simplicity, respecting the precious local raw materials and following the rhythms of nature and tradition. Everything we offer to the public is first and foremost what we at Maso Verde love and eat every day. It is the nourishment of our families and the natural food of our memory: our mission is to convey, through our flavors, our roots and the authentic passion contained in every single gesture.


Nature trails to rediscover the soul of the territory and its flavor.

Behind every tasting there is a fascinating world waiting to be discovered: with MasoVerde’s immersive itineraries and tasting routes, you can explore the history and natural wonders of a territory that has offered goodness, culture and tradition for centuries. Events and guided tours dedicated to every taste and age, to admire the naturalistic riches of Lessinia and to indulge in a moment of simple and spontaneous well-being.


Your natural corner of Lessinia, wherever you are.

Take the freshness of the mountain air and the goodness of our products with you wherever you go: choose the service that’s right for you and leave the rest to us.


Easy Party

A simple phone call is enough to surprise your guests with a table full of rich and delicious dishes: call us and tell us what you would like to taste, we will prepare for you everything you need for an unforgettable lunch or dinner.


Picnic Basket

Have you already planned an excursion in Lessinia? Come and visit us, we will let you find the typical basket of the residents of Lessinia, with fresh bread, cold cuts, local cheeses and seasonal fruit. Ideal for recharging after a long walk in the woods or a bike ride with the whole family.


Roverè Veronese, a corner of Lessinia where beauty and goodness grow through natural talent.

MasoVerde is located in the heart of Lessinia, in Roverè Veronese. A small fraction of the country surrounded by woods and nature, which has preserved the charm of local history and traditions over time. Here, man and nature have always coexisted in balance and harmony, thus nourishing the magic of a place that is as simple as it is uncontaminated. It is no coincidence that in such an amazing place you can taste such good products: Respect for the beauty and protection of nature are the secret of the many delicacies that you will find at MasoVerde!

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